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Jericho Details

Jericho SMP is a full survival multiplayer bedrock server.  The owners, Bearded Sloth (Age 39) and Little c, pride themselves in maintaining a family friendly environment to play Minecraft as a part of a wonderful community of players. 
Season 1 (2017-2020) was established as a multiplayer world on a PlayStation 3 with Legacy Edition. 
Season 2 (Oct 2020-Dec 2021) was the start of server hosting and really changed the direction of Jericho SMP.
Season 3 (Jan 1st - Dec 26th, 2022) was a great overall experience and began our real server journey.

Season 4 started on December 31st, 2022
and will continue for the year of 2023.  This Minecraft World will maintain a "vanilla" play style throughout the course of the year.  Some Add-Ons will be installed to help maintain a healthy, fun, and enjoyable experience for ALL players.

Jericho Add-Ons

  • TBP Snooze Pack
  • TBP Dead Score
  • TBP Hourglass
  • TBP Craftable Donuts
  • FoxyNoTail's Better Rain
  • Little c's Fun Totems (Varies)

Jericho Facts

Simulation Distance 4 chunks (64 blocks)
Player Capacity (33 players)
Max View (Render) Distance: 16 chunks
World Border: 16,000 x 16,000 build limit