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Dive into the Minecraft universe with Bearded Sloth & Little c's weekly podcast! Uncover the latest game trends, expert insights, and fascinating discussions about all things Minecraft.

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  • The Block Party: Explore Minecraft's vast world, from creative strategies to in-depth discussions on updates and features.

  • The Noob Corner: Hosted by HolyBookworm, a must-listen for Minecraft enthusiasts of all levels. Get insights into the basics from a noob's perspective, fun Minecraft tales, and beginner-friendly content.

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  • Engaging Discussions: From gameplay styles to server strategies, we cover it all.

  • Noob-Friendly Content: HolyBookworm's special episodes will ensure everyone feels at home.

  • Latest Change-logs: Stay updated on Minecraft's ever-evolving world.

  • Listener Questions: Your queries answered by the hosts of The Block Party.

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