Jericho Details

Jericho SMP Features

  • Family Friendly
  • Achievements ON
  • Full Survival
  • Bedrock Server
  • Consoles Welcome
  • Hard Difficulty
  • Mature Players
  • 13+ Welcome
  • Rules Enforced
  • Current Updates
  • Fun Add-Ons

Jericho SMP Facts

Simulation Distance 4 chunks (64 blocks)
Player Capacity: 33 players (simultaneously)
Max View (Render) Distance: 20 chunks
World Border: Unlimited

Jericho SMP Add-Ons

  • One Player Sleep
  • TBP Dead Score
  • TBP Hourglass
  • TBP Craftable Donuts
  • FoxyNoTail's Better Rain
  • Bedrock Tweaks Lower Block Textures
  • Little c's Fun Totems (Varies)
  • Bedrock Tweak's Directional Hoppers
  • Bedrock Tweak's Directional Observers
  • Bedrock Tweak's Sticky Piston Sides
  • Bedrock Tweak's Brewing Guide
  • Raboy's Better Mob Animations (Dog Animation removed)

The Jericho Commandments - Season 5 Edition (Rules)

  1. Discord Duty: Join and stick around in Jericho SMP Discord. We're following Discord's TOS/Guidelines, no shortcuts.
  2. FAMILY FRIENDLY Vibes: Keep it clean, folks! No Foul Language, abbreviations, NSFW, or anything that might raise eyebrows. The owners make the call.
  3. Report Right: If you spot rule breakers, have problems (theft, griefing, drama), or server tech hiccups, shoot a DM to @BeardedSloth954 🦥(BS). For urgent matters, @Peacekeeper or @NOTLittlec (Little c) are your go-to. Please, no public rule debates in-game or Discord.
  4. Golden Rule: Be respectful, super polite, and welcoming. We're strict on niceness. Sarcasm is cool, just mind your audience. No poking fun at builds or skills. Keep it constructive. If you're thinking, "Is this against the rules?" - it probably is.
  5. No Spam, No Self-Promo: Don't go blasting server invites or ads without the green light. Exceptions? Limited self-promo spots on Jericho SMP Discord.
  6. Nether Navigations: NETHER PORTALS are a thing after the "world nether portal" and a one-week wait for new players. Submit a ticket with coordinates. You're in charge of linking and any oopsie damage. Nether portals should be kept to the essentials. Only properly linked portals and "overworld ticking gold farm portals" are allowed.
    NO Multi-Dimensional Portals. (Guardian Portal Farms, etc.)
    NO WITHER SPAWNING without permission.
  7. Build Borders: Bases/Builds, keep your distance from the immediate spawn. Clearly mark your turf with OBVIOUS blocks, signs, etc. ALL SHOPS AND BASES NEED AN OWNER SIGN! Let's not leave random stuff around public spaces. No strict location rules, just be considerate, especially near spawn.
  8. No Hacks, Just Fun: No X-Ray, cheats, bots, duplication tricks, or any shady tech. Keep it clean or face the music.
  9. Ban Hammer Ready: Stealing, PVP (even pets), griefing - it's a fast track to a ban. We're serious about this.
  10. Discord Discipline: Keep your Discord game strong. Stay in Jericho SMP Discord, allow pings, and stay in the loop. Short messages incoming!
  11. Timber Commandment: Thou shalt not let floating trees roam freely. It's a Minecraft sin. Tidy up your leafy mess!

Jericho SMP History

  • Jericho SMP is a full survival multiplayer bedrock server.  The owners, Bearded Sloth (Age 40) and Little c, pride themselves in maintaining a family friendly environment to play Minecraft as a part of a wonderful community of players. 

  • Season 1 (2017-2020) was established as a multiplayer world on a PlayStation 3 with Legacy Edition. 

  • Season 2 (Oct 2020-Dec 2021) was the start of server hosting and really changed the direction of Jericho SMP.

  • Season 3 (Jan 1st - Dec 26th, 2022) was a great overall experience and began our real server journey.

  • Season 4 (Dec 31st, 2022 - Dec 26th, 2023)
    This Minecraft World maintained a "vanilla" play style with a central shopping mall and epic logo for the Season.  Some Add-Ons were implemented such as TBP Hourglass, Dead Score, and Bedrock Tweaks lower grass sides.  Overall was a great sense of friendship amongst players.  Many chose a "loner" style while others grouped up in massive base communities.
  • Season 5 (December 30th, 2023 - ???).  Jericho SMP Season 5 will maintain our vanilla play style.  Some Add-Ons will be installed to help maintain a healthy, fun, and enjoyable experience for ALL players. Achievements will ALWAYS remain available. This Season will focus more on keeping our core Jericho SMP family and to maintain a healthy amount of "OG" Jericho players. We will be limiting the amount of "new" members but as always will still be a welcoming server. This Season will not have a set end date and will continue based on activity level of members.